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At BPE Law Group, we specialize in addressing the needs of individuals and business leaders in California, Nevada and Washington. Our first priority has always been to help our clients navigate through the maze of business, real estate, estate, and family law as well as civil litigation.

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Part 1. The Playing Field: What is the Applicable Law in a Non-Disclosure Dispute

June 11, 2024

Before diving into the thrilling world of nondisclosures, it is worth taking a moment and becoming familiar with the “rules of the game,” i.e. the applicable law. You don’t step onto the field without knowing the rules of the game.

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FTC Adopts Rule Banning Most Non-Compete Clauses

April 27, 2024

On April 23, 2024, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued a final rule that bans non-competes nationwide. According to the FTC, this final rule would result in people having greater freedom to change jobs, start new businesses, or even bring new ideas to the market.

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US Supreme Court Addresses Real Estate Issue Related to Permit Fees

April 19, 2024

The United States Supreme Court recently issued its ruling on a case that originated in our own backyard of El Dorado County in Sheetz v. County of El Dorado, California. Stemming from a dispute between a property owner and our local El Dorado County government, this case discusses the delicate balance between regulatory interests and individual property rights. Let’s delve into the case’s nuances and explore its implications for real estate law.

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National Association of Realtors® Proposes to Settle Commission Lawsuits Nationally

March 18, 2024

On March 15, 2024, the NAR broke the news that it had reached an agreement with the class-action plaintiffs in the Sitzer-Burnett anti-trust commission lawsuit. This is the lawsuit in which NAR and the remaining defendants had lost at trial in October 2023 and the jury returned a verdict for ~$1.8 billion in damages (that could have subsequently tripled if District Judge Hon. Stephen Bough awarded treble damages). Under the agreement, NAR will pay $418 million over a four-year period.

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Rain and Failure to Disclose Claims

February 6, 2024

You look for that new home, maybe it is your starter home and you stretched financially to get that first home. Maybe, it is your “dream” home; or maybe it is your retirement home. Any way you look at it, you expended significant sums of money to acquire what for most people is the single largest purchase they will make during their life. Their home. All is well, until that first storm hits. When all of the sudden drops of water begin to drip from the light fixture (this actually happened to me). Or water pooled in the garage. Or there was river flowing through the crawl space. Or water was pouring in around a sky light. You get the picture. The dream home just became a vision of Walter Fielding and Anna Crowley’s worst nightmare. The next question naturally becomes – what are my rights?

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The Uniform Directed Trust Act in California

January 30, 2024

California joins 46 other states by enacting the Uniform Directed Trust Act on January 1, 2024. The new statute adds Probate Code sections 16600¬–16632. The California Act will apply to any decision or action occurring after January 1, 2024, regardless of the date the trust was established.

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Get a Fresh Start to a New Year

January 16, 2024

January is a good time to check your financial situation. Make sure all of your investment accounts, 401ks, IRAs and Life Insurance policies have designated beneficiaries. It is also a good time to create your Estate Plan or review your existing Estate Plan with an Estate Planning professional.

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Looking Forward to 2024

January 9, 2024

Every year we take an opportunity to look forward to the New Year and 2024, promises to be an interesting year. A main question will be focused on how will the real estate market perform this year? 2023 saw higher interest rates and significantly reduced number of transactions in the local markets. In the Sacramento metro area, I recently saw a statistic that suggested that transactions were about 50% of a normal year. Needless to say, we are anticipating the market adjusting.

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BPE Law was Founded by Attorney Steve Beede in 1995.

The firm name embodies our core practice areas – Business, Properties, Estates. From the firm’s inception, our goal has been to provide exceptional legal services to private individuals, real estate professionals and business owners. Our expertise has made us the law firm of choice in the greater Sacramento area and throughout California.

Our first office was in downtown Sacramento. In 2000, the decision was made to move our offices to Fair Oaks, and in November 2015, due to the steady growth of the firm, we opened BPE Law in Gold River in order to better serve our clients. In 2017, BPE Law completed its leadership transition as Mr. Beede stepped into retirement and Keith Dunnagan assumed the management of the Firm.

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