Contract Drafting & Negotiations

Contract drafting

Well-written contracts are at the heart of every successful business. If you need help drafting or negotiating contracts, you can rest assured that the seasoned attorneys at BPE Law will provide the services you need in order to stay ahead of the business curve. We strive to offer our clients high-quality services that are efficient and cost-effective.

Complete Contract Drafting and Negotiation Services

The contract process is composed of two primary parts: Drafting and negotiations. A contract that is well drafted and goes through careful negotiations can form a strong basis for any business deal. At BPE Law, we have honed our talents so that we can provide support throughout the contract process. Remember that it is always best to consult a qualified attorney before drafting a contract and beginning negotiations.

Contract Drafting and Review

At BPE Law, our attorneys focus on providing the best services possible in the areas of business, real estate and estate law. Our diverse experience in real estate and business allows us to handle a wide variety of contract drafting tasks. Your attorney will work with you to understand what you need out of a contract and what contract terms will best serve your business.

Loan and Financing Contracts

The financial crunch of 2006 has had long-ranging effects on how financing and loan contracts are handled. Before signing a financing contract with a bank or other lender, it is essential to have a lawyer review the contract and negotiate favorable terms. Whether your business is pursuing traditional financing or is looking to creative financing sources, you can rest assured that we will advocate for your best interests.

Real Estate Contracts

Most businesses conduct at least two to three real estate transactions a year. Because such contracts become routine, it can be easy to overlook the importance of a careful contract review for every transaction. Whether signing a new lease or preparing to sell property, a BPE Law attorney will draft and review your contract to ensure that your business interests are protected. Your attorney will explain any liability exposure inherent in a given property contract and will help your business avoid that liability if possible.

Sales Contracts

Sales contracts are used both for sales to individual consumers and for sales to business customers who buy on a wholesale basis. Strong sales contracts will help to limit your business’s liability while providing reassurance for your buyers. Your attorney can draft a general sales contract to cover most transactions and specialized sales contracts on an as-needed basis.

Vendor Contracts

Working with vendors is at the core of many business operations. Because vendor relationships are so important, it’s essential to have a strong contract in place with vendors from day one. Your BPE Law attorney will draft a vendor contract designed to meet the needs of both your business and your vendors. Our goal is to protect the interests of both parties so that you can enjoy a long and fruitful business relationship.

Employment Contracts

Many business leaders overlook the importance of choosing a tailored employment contract or agreement and opt instead for generic employment agreements. However, it is essential that the contract your employees sign accurately reflects what is expected of them in your place of business. We can draft both standard employment contracts and specialized agreements for independent contractors.

Contract Negotiations

In order for a contract to serve your business, its terms must generally meet your needs. Before heading into contract negotiations, your attorney will carefully review the proposed contract with you and will pinpoint any potential issues. Your attorney will then act as your advocate during the contract negotiation process, ensuring that you receive fair contract terms and completely understand your obligations under a contract.

As part of the contract negotiation process, we will also take care to advise you regarding any arbitration clauses. In some situations, these clauses are advantageous to both parties. However, your attorney will carefully evaluate such clauses against your business needs in order to ensure that you are not forfeiting your right to protect your business in a court of law.

At BPE Law, we handle more than just standard business contracts. We can also handle those miscellaneous contracts that you only need drafted once every few years. We give the same attention to these contracts as we do to the standard contracts that you use every day.

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