Corporations and LLCs

Corporations and LLCs

Are you looking for a respected law firm to handle legal issues for your corporation, C corporation, S Corporation, LLC or non-profit organization? At BPE Law, we focus on providing a wide range of business law services to our clients. Our mission is to provide our clients with efficient, cost-effective and high-quality legal services designed to meet their diverse needs.

Providing A Full Range of Business Law Services

When we formed BPE Law in 1995, we knew that we wanted the “B” to be synonymous with business. Our talented team of business attorneys have the experience needed to handle any issue that your corporation might face. We are happy to help you whether you are an experienced executive or an entrepreneur who has dozens of questions about how to start a corporation.

Services for Corporations

Corporate legal services are at the forefront of our business offerings. We understand that running a corporation in today’s economic climate can be difficult. As such, our attorneys focus not only on helping you with routine corporate tasks but also with essential planning and forecasting tasks. By providing this full range of services, we are able to support you as you work to grow and strengthen your business.

Corporate Formation

Even the most experienced small business owner can feel at a loss when determining how to start a corporation. There are many different factors to take into consideration, including the type of corporation that will be formed and how the corporation should be run. We will explain to you how to form a corporation and will guide you as you pick from one of the following business structures:

After you have chosen the correct business structure, we will complete business registration on your behalf. We can also assist you if you need to make updates and changes to your business registration. Please remember that we also provide legal services to small business owners who want to form a sole proprietorship or partnership.

Employment Law

Navigating the maze of employment law can be difficult for any corporate or LLC leader. In order to protect your corporation from a multitude of personnel issues, it is essential to have strong personnel policies in place. At BPE Law, our talented team can draft these policies and help you to put a strong rewards and discipline system into place for employees.

Contract Review and Negotiation

As a business leader, contracts are at the heart of many of your most important transactions. Whether you are working with vendors or with potential employees, we will review proposed contracts and suggest any necessary changes. We have also worked hard to develop a reputation for strong, fair negotiations. No matter the type of contract in question, we can negotiate for terms that favor your business and that are fair for all parties involved.

Litigation Management

Anyone who runs a corporation knows that it is impossible to prevent litigation 100 percent of the time. As your law firm, we will provide the support you need when you face any court issues. We provide efficient, thorough representation designed to protect your interests. Our business law team has experience dealing with corporations in many different states and countries, so you can rest assured that we will always have the expertise needed to serve you.

Should your corporation need to bring a matter to the courts, we can file any necessary paperwork on your behalf and represent you during all legal proceedings. If you need to pursue legal action against a vendor or corporation located outside the U.S., we will liaison with the appropriate parties to ensure that you are treated fairly in the foreign courts.

Services for Non-Profit Organizations

At BPE Law, we know that there is more to corporations than just making money. Perhaps you are interested in starting a non-profit organization but don’t know how to form a non profit or how to deal with other legal challenges that will arise during this process. We can provide comprehensive guidance as you file for non-profit registration. Our experienced attorneys will ensure that you understand the rights, responsibilities and restrictions inherent in running a non-profit corporation.

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