Litigation Services


All business leaders encounter legal challenges at some point in their careers. Perhaps you are looking for an experienced law firm to handle your litigation needs. At BPE Law, we focus on providing the highest level of service possible to our clients in a timely fashion so that you can protect your business assets and strengthen your enterprise.

Comprehensive Business Litigation Services

Business litigation takes many forms. The range of legal issues that businesses face runs from simple disagreements over vendor contracts to drawn-out battles over employee issues. Taking care of these problems in a fashion that protects your business interests requires experience and an understanding of your enterprise. At BPE Law, our business attorneys have depth of experience working with companies of all sizes and can guide you through litigation with confidence.

Court Filings and Suits

If your business has a serious conflict with a vendor, employee or other entity, it may be necessary to file a suit in a court of law. Your attorney will work with you to determine if litigation is the best way to resolve the issue that your business faces. If you decide to pursue a court case, your attorney will draw up all necessary paperwork and will file the initial suit. As law professionals working with business leaders since 1995, we know that the court process can seem daunting. We will guide you through every step in this process and will work towards your best interests throughout the course of litigation.

Lawsuit Review and Defense

Many business leaders worry about the exposure their companies face from lawsuits and other litigation. While it is important to minimize this exposure, it is also essential to react quickly to any lawsuits filed against your company. Your BPE Law attorney will thoroughly review all court filings and will advise you as to how to proceed. If favorable, your attorney may suggest negotiations towards a settlement agreement to help you prevent lengthy and costly litigation.

In-Court Representation

No business leader wants to walk into court alone. At BPE Law, we believe in providing full-spectrum representation to our clients in court. Whether you need to sue a vendor or are facing a lawsuit brought by a former employee, we will be there to represent you. Your attorney will make appearances on your behalf and will advise you regarding the schedule for your case. It is our goal to minimize the impact that court cases have on your daily life so that you can focus on running your business.

Comprehensive Business Mediation and Arbitration Services

When businesses have conflicts with other business entities or with their own employees, it often makes sense to work with professional arbitrators instead of pursuing a court case. The dispute resolution process is designed to handle potential legal problems outside of court so that all parties involved can avoid lengthy and sometimes costly litigation. In addition to providing full arbitration services, we can also revise your business contracts so that they require certain parties to pursue mediation in place of litigation.

Mediation with Experienced Arbitrators

Working with an experienced arbitrator allows for a smooth and fair mediation process. At BPE Law, we’ve focused on more than just honing our courtroom skills. We also pride ourselves on being skilled negotiators who can get the results that our clients want without entering court every time a dispute arises. During the mediation process, we will work with all parties involved to ensure that a fair and balanced settlement is reached.

In-Company Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution

Disputes and in-fighting within a company can be absolutely destructive to any enterprise. Your attorney understands how such conflicts can tear apart your business and will work with you to provide comprehensive dispute resolution services to solve in-company conflicts. Whether you are struggling with an employee issue or are trying to settle an argument between partners, mediation can provide a cost-effective and efficient way to reach a settlement that all parties find agreeable.

Using Mediation and Dispute Resolution to Prevent Litigation

Whenever possible, mediation and dispute resolution should be used as a first defense to prevent litigation. In addition to saving all parties involved from court costs, keeping your company’s problems out of the public eye will help to prevent any damaging publicity. Your BPE Law attorney will work with you to understand your mediation needs and to put a comprehensive arbitration plan into place.

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