Civil Litigation

Sometimes disputes cannot be resolved absent a lawsuit. Whether you’re a plaintiff seeking damages or other relief, or defending claims made against you or your business, the attorneys at BPE Law Group are not afraid of the courtroom. The attorneys at BPE Law bring decades of courtroom experience to the fight to protect your interests.

Preparation Is The Foundation For Success

Litigation requires preparation and attention to detail. The lawyers at BPE Law begin each case by thoroughly interviewing the client and gathering all facts and documents available. Then, the “discovery phase” of the litigation begins. Interrogatories (questions) are drafted and presented to the other party to the lawsuit and requests for production of documents are prepared. This preliminary fact-finding lays the foundation for any successful outcome. Depositions of the parties, witnesses and experts are then held, where the lawyers at BPE Law then “dig down” to the core issues of the case. Cases are often won, and lost, due to the preparation done well before the litigants see the inside of a courtroom. A good discovery plan can often turn the tide of the litigation, resulting in resolution before trial.

Expert witnesses are often required to help win or defend your interests. Yet knowing what experts to hire, and for what issues, requires years of experience and connections in the legal community to find the right fit. The attorneys at BPE Law have these connections.

Courtroom Experience Matters

When its time to try the case, the lawyers at BPE Law bring decades of courtroom experience to the fight. Knowing how to set the narrative of the case to a judge or jury from the opening statement requires practical knowledge and skill. Questioning of witnesses, and especially cross-examination of hostile witnesses, can be the turning point at trial. Finally, delivery of a powerful closing argument can persuade a judge or jury to see the facts in the light most favorable to the client. It is an art form, and the attorneys at BPE Law have perfected this skill over many years to provide the best outcome for the client.

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